About the production

Written by: Anne Enright

Directed by: Brian Brady

A sexual comedy, that follows the lives of three girls as they move from Just Seventeen to Cosmopolitan, You Should Thank God, Fasting is about the difference between sex and love, between love and the rest of your life; Gayle who can’t get out of bed, Bernie who can’t get into it and Fiona who usually ends up with a video, a take-away and Barry on a Friday night (if he rings). Pragmatic, foolish and romantic by turns, the decisions they face are always between two evils; it is the way they face them that makes the difference, that allows them to escape.

Cast List

  • Carita Owens
  • Clelia Murphy
  • Jennifer Stevens
  • Kate McSweeney
  • Derek O'Connor
  • Neil Watkins
  • Patric Shirley
  • Philip Jordan
  • Les Martin
  • Simon Maxwell
  • Stephen Brady
  • David Kelly
  • Alan King
  • Mark Canavan
  • Fiona O'Tool
  • Rachel Walsh
  • Betty Duffy

Crew List

  • Director: Brian Brady
  • Set Design: Aedin Cosgrove & Brian Brady
  • Lighting Design: Aedin Cosgrove
  • Costume Design: Mary-Ann Bolger
  • Production Manager: Marie Tierney
  • Assistant Director: Louise Drumm
  • Stage Managers: Emma Haugh & Cliona Dukes
  • Set Construction: David Marsh
  • Costume Construction: Lorraine Stevens & Anna Galligan
  • Lighting Operator: Joanne Perkins
  • Sound Operator: Eamon Fox