About the production

Written by: Anne Enright

Directed by: Brian Brady

A sexual comedy, that follows the lives of three girls as they move from Just Seventeen to Cosmopolitan,¬†You Should Thank God, Fasting¬†is about the difference between sex and love, between love and the rest of your life; Gayle who can’t get out of bed, Bernie who can’t get into it and Fiona who usually ends up with a video, a take-away and Barry on a Friday night (if he rings). Pragmatic, foolish and romantic by turns, the decisions they face are always between two evils; it is the way they face them that makes the difference, that allows them to escape.

Cast List

  • Carita Owens
  • Clelia Murphy
  • Jennifer Stevens
  • Kate McSweeney
  • Derek O'Connor
  • Neil Watkins
  • Patric Shirley
  • Philip Jordan
  • Les Martin
  • Simon Maxwell
  • Stephen Brady
  • David Kelly
  • Alan King
  • Mark Canavan
  • Fiona O'Tool
  • Rachel Walsh
  • Betty Duffy

Crew List

  • Director: Brian Brady
  • Set Design: Aedin Cosgrove & Brian Brady
  • Lighting Design: Aedin Cosgrove
  • Costume Design: Mary-Ann Bolger
  • Production Manager: Marie Tierney
  • Assistant Director: Louise Drumm
  • Stage Managers: Emma Haugh & Cliona Dukes
  • Set Construction: David Marsh
  • Costume Construction: Lorraine Stevens & Anna Galligan
  • Lighting Operator: Joanne Perkins
  • Sound Operator: Eamon Fox