About the production

Written by: Federico García Lorca

Directed by: Margaret O’Dalaigh

The play tells the story of a childless woman living in rural Spain. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrific crime. Because of the time she is living in, she is expected to bear children. When she cannot, she is forced into measures that those in her society would view as extreme.

Cast List

  • Glenna Walsh
  • Anne O'Callaghan
  • Patrick Bolger
  • Pat Nolan
  • Mary O'Brien
  • Clare McKeon
  • Eilish Scanlan
  • Pauline O'Brien
  • Geraldine Bruce
  • Deirdre Keating
  • Tina Robinson
  • Susan McDonnell
  • Helen McDonnell
  • Mary Lally
  • Michael Cosgrove
  • Colette Gough
  • Geraldine Theuer
  • Stella McCormick
  • Linda Fahy
  • David O'Meara
  • Aoife O'Dalaigh

Crew List

  • Margaret O'Dalaigh
  • Peter McLoughlin
  • Anthony Doyle
  • Loughlin Stevens
  • Joe McGing
  • Gregg Gough
  • Willie Higgins
  • Paddy O'Dwyer
  • David Bradshaw
  • Tony Gorman