About the production

Directed by: Paddy O’Dwyer

Written by: Langford Wilson

The plot focuses on the murder of the aging local hermit, Skelly Mannor, by a woman, Nelly Windrod, who mistakenly thought he was committing rape when he was actually trying to prevent a rape from occurring.

Cast List

  • Gillian Fitzpatrick
  • Fiona Hyland
  • Vivienne Bennett
  • Andrew Connolly
  • Enda Williams
  • Joan McKeever
  • Miriam Duffy
  • Ashling Toibin
  • Stephen Dunne
  • Peter Hanley
  • Paul Perry
  • Ashling Cronin
  • Eric Madsen
  • David Gorry
  • Patricia Timoney
  • Lee Gallagher
  • Suzanne O'Halloran

Crew List

  • Director: Paddy O'Dwyer
  • Design: Connie Dowling
  • Set Construction: Peter McLoughlin
  • Lighting: Robert Craven, David Davitt
  • Stage Crew: Aidan Murphy, Kevin Doyle, Grainne O'Reilly