About the production

Written by: Paul Zindel

Adapted by: F.W. Leslie

Directed by: Paddy O’Dwyer

In The Pigman, originally a young adult novel by Paul Zindel, two teenagers find out that growing up doesn’t always mean growing older without pain. They befriend an old man, Mr. Pignati, better known as the Pigman, and grow close to him. However, because of bad decisions and the march of time, their friend is taken away from them before they can truly appreciate all that he had done to make them into the people they become.

Cast List

  • John Conlan - David O'Meara
  • Lorraine Jensen - Joanne Millist
  • Denis Kobin - Anthony Nolan
  • Norton Kelly - Brian Brady
  • Angelo Pignati - Gregg Gough
  • Mrs. Conlon - Anne Byrne
  • Mrs. Jensen - Maeve Germaine
  • Jane Appling - Fiona O'Brien
  • Helen Kazinski - Siobhain McCluskey
  • Melissa Dumas - Martine Blair
  • Barney Friman - Neil Doherty
  • First Policeman - Paul McDermot
  • Second Policeman - Robert Turner
  • Kid - Brendan Byrne
  • Kid - Anthony Kane
  • Kid - Janice Moran
  • Kid - Mark Greely

Crew List

  • Design: Dympna Murray
  • Set Construction: Pat O'Byrne
  • Set Painted by: Alan Farquharson
  • Lighting: Tim Murphy
  • Sound: Michael Cosgrove
  • Helen's Dance Choreographed by: Gaye Tanham
  • Stage Management: Paul McDermot
  • Stage Management: Robert Turner
  • Stage Management: Peter Dawn
  • Posters Designed by: Kevin McCaffrey