About the production

‘The Brothers Shakespeare’

Internal evidence hath ‘ready proved

that Shakespeare was a Catholic, a Jew,

a Moor, a Dane, a Paddy and a lecher

and now t’would seem he also was a twin

Why other than to grant part to the brother

Would William write this Comedy of Errors?

We ‘ready know that William was an actor

Who had he not been twinned with William II

Would sure have ‘scribed his twins for just one actor

Which he himself could than propose to do.

But here twin Antipholi do appear

Together without either in the wings

So that one actor cannot play the pair

Unless the parts bbe ta’en by the Shakespeare twins!

But hold! Two Dromios also do appear

together and at once without illusion

The Syracusian and effete Ephesian

Which certain can but lead to one conclusion:

That William Shakespeare was in fact quadruplets

All four plied pens for monetary gain

which goeth a very long way towards explaining

Why Shakespeare wrote more plays than John B Keane.

~Tom McArdle

Cast List

  • Duchess of Ephesus-Shirley Smith
  • Egeon, Merchant of Syracuse-Michael Foley
  • Antipholus of Ephesus-Fergus Matthews
  • Antipholus of Syracuse-Antony Brophy
  • Dromio of Ephesus-Jason Phipps
  • Dromio of Syracuse-David Parnell
  • Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus-Patricia Eastman
  • Luciana, her sister- Geraldine Judge
  • Angela, a goldsmith-Alison Whelan
  • Merchant-David Wilmot
  • Balthasar-Allen Dunne
  • Doctor Finch-Michael Foley
  • Amelia, an abbess at Ephesus-Valerie Coyne
  • Luce, Kitchen Maid to Adriana-Liz Doyle
  • Courtesan-Karen Staples
  • Jailer-Kevin Murphy

Crew List

  • Directed by: Gerard Stambridge
  • Costume Design: Connie Dowling
  • Lighting Design: John Comiskey
  • Music Composed and played by: John Dunne
  • Set Construction: Greg O'Driscoll and Derek D'Alton
  • Costume Construction: John Flood, Connie Dowling
  • Lights Operated by: Warren MmcAllister, Tim Coughlan, Albert Fahy
  • Stage Manager: Rosemary Warner
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Anne Richardson, Tara Gleeson, Niamh Behan, Madeline Boughton
  • Poster/ Programme: Charlie O'Neill
  • Photographs: Derek Spiers