About the production

Written by: Roger Gregg

Directed by: Roger Gregg

The stories are acted out through movement, script and original music, which is performed live on stage by the actors. It is an ambitious piece of theatre which feels rather than tells its way through the dreams, whose stories intertwine towards the end of the piece.

Cast List

  • Patrick Bridgeman
  • Muireann Bunting
  • Jennifer Cummins
  • Elizabeth Duffy
  • Peter Dunne
  • Philip Jordan
  • Andrew Lovern
  • Georgina McKevitt
  • Phillip McMahon
  • Orla Maher
  • Gliondar NĂ­ Gloinn
  • Aideen O'Driscoll
  • Rachel Walsh

Crew List

  • Director: Roger Gregg
  • Seamus Stowe
  • Valerie Bistany