About the production

Written by: C.P. Taylor

Directed by: Gaye Tanham

Ten-year-old schoolboy Malcolm is convinced that he is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley and loves to sing his greatest hits and dress like the King. His mother, her boyfriend, and his teacher Mr Green are becoming increasingly exasperated with his odd behavior, and only Jackie, a local pigeon-fancier, seems to understand him. Malcolm decides to run away from home, hoping to find his way to Elvis’ home in Memphis, Tennessee. He ends up 15 miles away in Morpeth in Northumberland, where he meets Michael, a boy with severe brain damage who cannot speak, and his carer, Lynn. Despite their differences, Malcolm and Michael strike up a friendship. Malcolm realizes that Michael wants to go sailing on a local lake, but they cannot work out how to get his wheelchair into a boat, and the Sister at Michael’s hospital refuses to allow it. Secretly, Jackie and Lynn help the boys build a special harness to lift Michael from the dock into a boat. Malcolm realizes that he no longer needs to pretend to be Elvis and they set off across the water.

Cast List

  • Enda Williams
  • Andrew Patchell
  • Tony Sweeney
  • Fionuala Murphy
  • Debbie Murphy
  • Larry Nolan
  • Aisling Toibin
  • Leonard Jackson
  • Madeline Boughton

Crew List

  • Director: Gaye Tanham
  • Design: Connie DOwling
  • Set Construction: Peter McLoughlin, Pat O'Byrne
  • Sound: Barry O'Connor, Enda Lynch
  • Lighting: Jackie Brereton, Anto Nolan
  • Stage Manager: Madeline Boughton