About the production


by Shane Carr

Director: Sharyn Hayden

Assistant Director: Gliondar Ní Gloinn

Lighting Operator: Louise Eglinton/Eamon Fox

Sound Operator: Gliondar Ní Gloinn

Stage Manager: Neil Watkins

Cast: Eamonn Cosgrave, Kim Smallhorn, Ariana Power, Stephen Rice,  Cormac Kelly, Aideen O’Driscoll, Angie Canavan, Paul Ryan, Claire Collinge


Some Kind of Love Story

by Arthur Miller

Director: Elizabeth Duffy

Assistant Director: Conor Moloney

Sound Operator/Stage Manager: Conor Moloney

Lighting Operator: Louise Eglington/Eamon Fox


It Takes Two

devised by Orla Maher and the cast

Director: Orla Maher

Stage Manager/Sound Operator: Clare McEvoy

Lighting Operator: Clare Collinge

Cast: Bart Ryan, Emma Rice


Mirroring Angels

by Orla Maher

Director: Peter Dunne

Lighting Operator: Claire Collinge

Sound Operator: Louise Eglington

Cast: Muireann Bunting, Jacinta Sheerin, Eimear Lindsay, Shane Carr, Stephen Bennett


On Her Majesty’s Payroll

by Patrick Bridgeman

Director: Patrick Shirley

Assistant Director: Terry O’Hagan

Stage Manager: Simon Maxwell

Sound Operator: David Nolan

Cast: Patrick O’Connor, Maria Schweppe, Jennifer Stevens, Paul Ryan