About the production

Written by: David Rowley

Directed by: Paddy O’Dwyer

Shirley and Rita, having run away from school, are hiding. They are surprised by two boys who know who they are from the newspapers. The play follows the developing relations among the four, Jeff and Rita becoming immediately attracted to each other. The encounter and the resulting delay alters all their plans.

Cast List

  • Deirdre Keating
  • Deborah Ward
  • Donal Carey
  • Anthony Bonhan

Crew List

  • Director: Paddy O'Dwyer
  • Stage Manager: Peter McLoughlin
  • Set Design: Colm Donlon
  • Stage Staff: Anthony Doyle, Jospeh Connor, Loughlin Stevens, Joseph McKing
  • Lighting: Ray Byrne, Dominic Brooks
  • Stage Director: Irene Edkins
  • Sound: David Bradshaw