About the production

Devised by: The cast

Directed by: John Farrell and Bill Wertz

Thirteen ghosts slowly move from various points in Temple Bar toward Cecilia Street where a full-scale gallows looms. The Keeper of Souls appears to introduce HAUNTED. Told in two parts, the first an open-air promenade through Temple Bar culminating in a public execution and the second an imaginistic performance in the Head Gallery, Ormond Buildings, HAUNTED creates impressions of the ill-fated Marsden family and the curse of Thom Donnelly through two hundred years of murder, incest, treason and intrigued.

Cast List

  • Iain Morrison
  • Mark Canavan
  • Gliondar Ní Gloinn
  • Stephan Brady
  • Betty Duffy
  • Marie McFadden
  • Roseanne Smith
  • Patricia Heery
  • Eileen McGee
  • Derek O'Connor
  • Patrick Shirley
  • Chris D'Alton
  • Sharyn Hayden
  • Joanne Perkins
  • Jennifer Pluck
  • Eamon Fox
  • Maura Howe
  • Simon Maxwell
  • Philip Jordan
  • Jessie Keatley
  • Louise Broe
  • David Nolan
  • Karen Keyes
  • Jean O'Dwyer
  • Kate McSweeney
  • Fiona O'Tool
  • Clelia Murphy
  • Terry O'Hagan
  • David Kelly

Crew List

  • Director: John Farrell and Bill Wertz
  • Production Manager: Aedín Cosgrove
  • Stage Manager: Niall Nolan
  • Venue Coordination: Louise Drumm
  • Tech Management: Tony Beattie
  • Tech Management: Shane Mullan
  • Sound: Jim Cullen
  • Sound: Chris D'Alton
  • Wardrobe: Mary Ann Bolger
  • Make Up: Emma Haugh
  • House Manager: Peter McLoughlin