About the production

Directed by: Eilis Mullan

In the book, Gulliver has not a consistent character – it changes from book to book. In keeping with this we chosen to represent him not as one uniform character but as a series of personalities expressed by various members of the company.

In this representation of Gulliver the director has chosen to set the unfolding of the weird and wonderful journeys within the confines of a centre for the mentally ill. This metaphor is further extended in the presentation of Swift as a benevolent guide and friend. He takes a mad medley of patients on a journey which starts from the total disintegration of Gulliver’s personality at the end of the book back through to his enhanced self esteem in the Land of the Little People.

Cast List

  • Liz Doyle
  • Marie McCormack
  • Gary Gregg
  • Val O'Donnell
  • Alan Howley
  • Fiona Toibin
  • Orla Moore
  • Helen Walsh
  • Kevin Murhpy
  • Declan Walsh
  • Fergus Matthews

Crew List

  • Director: Eilis Mullan
  • Set/Costume Design: Connie Dowling
  • Assistant Director: John Flood
  • Music: John Dunne
  • Lighting Design: Eric Grattan/Paddy O'Dwyer
  • Stage Manager: Valerie Coyne
  • A.S.M: Jennifer Egan
  • Lighting Operator: Nicola Gogan