About the production

The Forest of Invisible Children

devised by Kevin Murphy and the cast

Director: Kevin Murphy

Assistant Directors: Ross Watchorn, Ailbhe Cowley

Cast: Sinéan Kearns, Mark McKenna, Caroline Flood, Niahm Elliot-Sheridan

The Forest of Invisible Children tells the story of three people who find themselves in a Psychiatric Hospital, using movement to tell the story. It looks at how patients can get lost in their own world in the asylum where it’s easy to get lost, just like a forest.


A Play About Stories

devised by Dan Colley and the cast

Director: Dan Colley

Assistant Directors: Aloisia  King, Martha Breen

Cast: Michael Ryan, Méabh Hennelly, Sean Talbot

This is a play about stories. It’s about “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”. It’s about dragons, damsels, witches, castles, baby’s feet, outer-space battles, morals of the story and talking animals. It’s about wanting to believe and knowing it’ not true. It’s about magic. It’s about the stories that we tell and are told. It’s about being ourselves with you, yourselves. It’s about not being a kid anymore. It’s about Michael, Méabh and Sean. It’s a little bit about Sarah.