About the production


False Truth

Written and Devised by the cast

Directed by:  Martin Sharry

Assistant Director: Niall Higgins

Cast: Orlagh Doherty, Jack Kearney, Martha Breen, Nevin Robinson, Almha McCarton

What is FALSE TRUTH? What is False? What is TRUTH? What is a game show? Confessions or Show the Video? Who is Harold? How does one define TRUTH? What does it all mean?
To learn more stay tuned for FALSE TRUTH.

Additional Material: Abby Tormey


This is What Makes Us Girls

Written and devised by the cast

Directed by: Veronica Dyas

Assistant Director: Donall Courtney

Cast: Alexandra Kepes, Hazel Clifford, Ghaliah Conroy, Siofra Quinn Gates, Isabelle Murphy

This is What Makes Us Girls is devised, written & performed by the ensemble cast.  We took our title inspiration from the beautiful Lana Del Rey song.  Another title option was “Girls Have Problems With Absolutely Everything (Giggle, Giggle)” reflecting our early research together! In devising, we reflected on what we care about, the position of women in Ireland and globally, our awareness that we were the only all female cast in the One Act Festival and how we could play with that.  We wanted it to be funny too though, with a message that the audience can figure out for themselves, individually, like we each did, and continue to do!



Shut Up

Written by:  Andrew Payne

Directed by: Stefanie Preissner

Assistant Director: Angel Li

Cast: Jade Garcia Weber, Connie Colgan, Cathal Duignan, Leon Dowd, Peter Blennerhasset, Matthew O’Connell, Caroline Courtney, Austin Sheedy

Shut Up by Andrew Payne, the writer of ‘Lovejoy’ and ‘Minder’, is a gripping story about a teenager who stops talking for no apparent reason.  No amount of therapy can get him talking again.  Why did he shut up? What is the secret he’s afraid to speak about? Shut Up is a powerful exploration of peer-pressure, bullying and difference.



Written by: Tom Swift

Directed by: Sinead O’Loughlin

Assistant Director: Joanna Kelly

Cast: Sean Guthrie, Peter Simpson, Ali Dempsey-McMahon, Chloe Doyle, Sadhbh Ní Bhroin, Ross Watchhorn, Mark Ball

Deano was originally written by Tom Swift with members of Young Urban arts.  Deano tells the tale of a young man who was head of the household and everybody’s mate, so just what happened to him on the last night of the leaving cert? The party in an abandoned warehouse got pretty out of control and nobody’s seen Deano since.  His friends come together on the anniversary of that night and try to piece together the clues and solve the mystery.




Crew List

  • Lighting Design: Aidan Crowe
  • Light Operation: Ian Lawless