About the production


Devised by: the cast and Dominic Campbell

Directed by: Dominic Campbell

Assistant Director: John Gunning

Cast: Donal Talbot, Niall Higgins, Johnny Walsh, Paul Harris, Josephine Ryan Murphy, Martha Fitzgerald, Joanna Kelly, Áine Ó’Hara, Aislinn Farrell, Lily Lee

Start us with the people in the room.  Where is it? What year is it, what century are we in and what’s outside that we bring in with us? Why shouldn’t we, a youth theatre, set out to take compassionate care of you, a random gathering of strangers, you the audience?

We put on costumes, run up stairs, try it on, try it out.  Wonder “Is this right?”

We add bits off the telly, bits of stuff we find; “let’s keep that because it sounds good”, “let’s do that because it’s funny”, “let’s drop that because it’s clunky”, “do you remember that exercise where we did that? It’s like that”.

Writing in snatched time over first-cup-of-the-morning tea, re-read on the bus, record notes on the phone, try it, rewrite, stay up later, rewrite, try it again, sounds rough, play, revisit, remain clear about our intention, criteria, values.  Live with confusion.  Have faith.  Run it.  Run it again.  “It’s arty”.  Well we didn’t set out to make something we already know.

Have we a name? What’ll we wear? What’s it about?  Sections don’t fit.  Try it backwards, run it quick, cut and paste, re-order.  Lose the end.  Rewrite playing tunes through headphones, in good moods and fout humour. Search for the perfect sonar.  We’re different.  We’re not so different.  We wear masks, carry ourselves, draw lines in the sand.  We’re seeking something, trying to communicate, do so most revealingly when we’re less sure; in glances, attitudes, reactions, the way we are with others, the way we’re absent.  Japan has a Tsunami, Egypt revolutions, Queens plan visits.  Rehearsals are anchors in a week.  Spring.  A pattern is appearing, it’s settling.  That’s it this time.  It’s got a name.  It’s called “Jigsaw”.



Written by: Sarah Hanlon

Directed by: Brian Bennett

Assistant Director:  Kathleen Kenealy

Cast: Séan Corbet, Fionn Ruadh, Gabrielle Murphy, Megan Deevey, Lauren Graham, Zoe Harmon-Conlon.

Party is a bleak look at what it is to be young in Modern Dublin.  Her characters live in a world of moral ambiguity where the lines between what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, are so blurred as to become almost nonexistent.  A frightening glimpse of a parallel world that exists alongside the one populated by parents and teachers.  Party was written by Sarah Hanlon as part of the Tenderfoot programme at the Civic Theatre Tallaght and is supported by the NewStage initiative at NAYD.


Thats What Happens When You Go To A Party…Things Spill

Devised by:  the cast and Grace Dyas

Directed by: Grace Dyas

Assistant Director: Gemma Collins

Cast: Ross Kelly, Luke Murphy, Ciara Byrne, Declan Gillen, Aoife Leonard, Aiofe Ní Dhonaile.

We’re dancing on chairs, dancing on tables, dancing to our favorite songs.  We’re drinking too much.  We’re not drinking enough.  We’re telling you exactly how we feel, how we used to feel. What do you actually feel?

We’re saying no, we’re watching and we’re spilling things…


Crew List

  • Lighting Design: Aidan Crowe
  • Lighting Op: Rebecca Kealy
  • Programme: Amber Foy
  • Front of House: Sean Wilson
  • Artistic Director: Gary Keegan
  • General Manager: Ella Daly