About the production


Park Bench

Written by: Ellen O’Sullivan

Directed by: Alan King



Written by: Alison Bryan

Directed by: Alan King


The Invisible Girl

Devised by: the cast

Directed by: Willie White



Yesterday an Incident Occurred

Written by: Mark Ravenhill

Directed by: Aoife Spillane-Hinks

Cast: Claire Byrne, Luke Collins, Jemma Curran, Sam Ford

An intimidating gang of passionate young activists interrogate the audience about a brutal crime that took place the day before.  But did it happen at all? Just who is sending all these text messages, posting these blog reports, making these emergency phone calls?  As the stakes get higher and higher, and the cries for revenge grow more and more hysterical, the likelihood of any actual justice disappears and the prospect of bloody mob retaliation–against the “rotten eggs” who threaten “our” beautiful way of life– seems to be the only possibility.

Assistant Director: Gráinne Hallahan

Lighting Design: Simon Maxwell

Sound Operator:  Aoife Spillane-Hinks


East End Tales

Written by:  Fin Kennedy

Directed by: Kerrie Lindsay

Cast: Christina Butler, Amber Foy, Niamh Tennyson, Séan Wilson

Originally inspired by newspaper articles, developed by a group of young East Londoners and then shaped by playwright Fin Kennedy, East End Tales peeks into the lives of several urbanites to discover tales of loneliness and domestic violence but also unlikely friendships and hope.  This DYT performance sets the play here in Dublin with the cast creating their own prologue and epilogue in which to frame the tales.

Assistant Director: Neil Douglas

Lighting Design: Simon Maxwell

Lighting Operator: Gráinne Hallahan

Sound Operator: McMahon

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