About the production

The Last Laugh

devised by the cast

Director: Richie McEntee

Assistant Director: Stephen Rice

Lighting Director: Simon Maxwell

Light & Sound: Niamh Molloy

Cameraman: Paul Maloney

Cast: Cheryl Rock, Andrew Smith, Barry O’Rourke, Noey Cullinan


All Stations – After Mamet

Director: Sarah Fitzgibbon

Assistant Director: Cassie Laver

Cast: Aine Carrol, Niamh Molloy, Stacy Cox, Dave Moore


Well of Saints

Director: Kieran McBride

Assistant Director: Paul Dowling

Cast: Lynsey Jordan, “Raymond”, Barry O’Rourke, Roisin McGann, Patrick Hogan



devised by Emma Haugh and the cast

Director: Emma Haugh

Lighting Designer: Simon Maxwell

Lighting Operator: Mana Schweppe

Sound Operator: Stephen Rice

Cast: Alannah, Hannah, Nadia, Emma, Mark, Louisa, Hannah