About the production

Written by: Peter Sheridan

Directed by: Fred Haines

The play has as its backdrop the Drug Scene in Dublin, but the play deals less with the current high rate of heroin addiction and more with the personality that goes to make an addict.  The play centres on the character of John “Smack” McCoole and his progress from unlikely skinhead to heroin addict.

It is an uncompromising and harrowing play, but as in all of Peter Sheridan’s writing the human spirit shines through the horror and degradation.

Critical Comment on “Bust”:

“…. performances of real depth, complexity and power… what comes across is a strong sense of identity and an impressive degree of control.”

Fintan O’Toole, Sunday Tribune


“…it is worth seeing for the vitality and energy of the players who give some of the most natural performances you are likely to see in the theatre at present…

Its strength is in the total solidarity of its cast, which is completely at one with the script, giving individually perfect feeling to difficult roles.”

Tony Hennigan, Irish Independent

“The young cast revel in the opportunities, and take them always with enthusiasm and conviction, and sometimes with a strength of talent beyond what might be expected from their limited experience…it should be seen for the youthful energies and the talents unleashed by it.”

Gerry Colgan, Irish Times

Cast List

  • Glucose - Larry Nolan
  • Hard Head/Barber - Alan Fox
  • Vivienne - Aisling Toibin
  • Chopper/Itinerant Child - Enda Williams
  • Smack - Anto Nolan
  • Sharon - Helen Healy
  • Rebecca - Sharon Cudden
  • Weasel - Andrew Connolly
  • Gertrude - Fionnuala Murphy
  • Ahern - Robert Craven
  • Dope Head Dwyer/Attendant/Lenny - Paul Honer
  • Chemist/Osborne/Male Nurse - Terence Cooke
  • Mother - Siobhan McCluskey
  • Man in Chipper/Dave/Porter - Stephen Dunne
  • Policeman/Quartermaster/German Policeman/Nurse - Ciaran Farrell
  • Chas/Itinerant Child - Aidan Murphy
  • Sergeant/German Policeman - Peter Hanly
  • Benny - Eric Madsen
  • Barney/Turkish Soldier - John O'Donnell
  • Suedeheads - Ann Field, Ciaran Farrell, Aidan Murphy, Sandra Byrne
  • Doctor - Maebhdh O'Connor

Crew List

  • Lighting: Madelina Boughton
  • Set Construction: Pat O'Byrne
  • Set Construction: Peter McLoughlin
  • Costumes: Geraldine O'Reilly
  • Music: Vinny Murphy
  • Stage Management: Fiona Hyland
  • Stage Management: Grainne O'Reilly
  • Sound Design: Pat Gilsenan
  • Sound: Peter Melia