About the production

Written by: Beckett and Brecht

Directed by: Sean Leahy and Irene Edkins

He Who Says No/He Who Says Yes is the tale of a young boy leaving his ill and anguished mother to join a group searching for medicine. The play is split into two parts, one where the boy says yes to everything and one where he says no, both renditions are compelling and riveting.


Endgame is anything but simple as a manic depressive takes the over the stage, with varying interpretations of settings and tones.

Cast List

  • Tom Bryne
  • Gary Flood
  • David O'Meara
  • Fiona O'Brien
  • Bernice Harrison
  • Michael Cosgrove
  • Madeline Boughton
  • Marieva Coughlan
  • Pauline O'Brien
  • Janice Moran
  • Alan Cleere
  • Martin McSweeney

Crew List

  • Alan Farquharson
  • Pat O'Bryan
  • Willie Higgins
  • David Bradshaw
  • Linda Fahy
  • I. Edkins
  • Pat Nolan
  • Pat O'Bryne