About the production

Death of Bessie Smith

Directed by: Peter Melia

Cast: Andrew Connolly, Larry Nolan, Ronan Carr, Siobhan McCluskey, David O’Neil, Neil Dougherty, Rosheen Whelan

Crew:¬†Grainne O’Reilly, Siobhan Miley, Eric Madsen, Peter Melia, Madeleine Boughton, Peter McLaughlin


Director: Deborah Murphy

Cast: Andrew Connolly, Paul Honer, David O’Neill, Neil Dougherty, Eric Madsen, Grainne O’Reilly, Gillian Fitzpatrick, Siobhan Miley, Enda Williams

Chamber Music

Director: Fiona Hyland

Cast: Fionnuala Murphy, Aisling Toibin, Veronica Coburn, Aisling Cronin, Mia Gallagher, Paula Doyle, Helen Healy, Siobhan Miley, Anto Nolan, Neil Doherty

Crew: Larry Nolan, Peter Melia, Peter McLaughlin