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This Saturday’s (Oct 29th) workshop is being delivered theatre maker and facilitator by Mark Ball!

~ Devising & Dramaturgy~

“I’ve LOADS of ideas; how do I start? I’ve some ideas/scenes but don’t know how to put them together… How do I know when it’s finished? What is devising/dramaturgy?
In this workshop we’ll explore devising (collaboratively made theatre that doesn’t start with a finished written script), and dramaturgy (a practice of interrogating and deepening performance). Hopefully you’ll come away with some devising skills, new performance ideas and a clearer vision of the path from initial creative impulses to a full performance.
Come with an idea (e.g. a punk gig meets a retelling of Medusa’s story, from her perspective), an image/moment (e.g. two people hug as flower petals fall from the ceiling), a poem, a quote, a story, a joke, a feeling, a question… Or just yourself!”
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11am – 1pm
18 Montague Lane
The First Years will be joining us in the studio after for Social Time!