MOAF auditions are Saturday 24th September at 2 – 4pm. They will be group workshop auditions. 

There are two plays this year, ‘The Anatomy of a Bad Night’ and ‘Odaisé’. Show week will be 21 – 26 November. 

‘Anatomy of a Bad Night’ has four texts in advance that you can read over but do not need to know off by heart at all. They can be found here: You are also asked to come with an anecdote about a night out. It can be exaggerated, someone elses or misremembered, as long as it’s engaging.

Odaisé’ will have some readings on the day but nothing to read in advance. 

MOAFs are open to everyone and we really encourage you to come and give it a go! They promise to be great shows with great teams working on them. We can’t wait to see you all again.