Inspired by the Abbey Theatre’s ‘Dear Ireland’ series, and by the efforts of fellow youth theatre over at Complex, members of DYT are creating our very own digital series called ‘The Quaranscene Series‘ (Credit to Jessie F for the name 🙌).

The Quaranscene Series will consist of a group of monologues/poems that are written and performed (and directed if you’d like!) by our members.

We are looking for monologues that are around 2 mins long that you are passionate about, on any subject. We love the work that comes out of DYT and seeing things from the perspective of young people, and we want to show off the talent and creativity that we know you all have, and that we are really missing at the moment.

The deadline for submission is SUNDAY JUNE 7th so get writing and get creative!

So, what do I need to do…?

  1. Team up with fellow members to get your piece together, or do it solo.
    (If you don’t have a group but still want to take part, email Sibéal with what role (actor / writer / director)  you want to do and she’ll do her best to find groups from that)
  2. Write, rehearse and record your piece (around 2 minutes long) using your phone or whatever you have.
    (remember… DONE, is better than PERFECT!)
  3. email your piece to Sibéal and cc Graham with the name of your piece and the participants in your group.

Deadline for submission is JUNE 7th.

Monologues will be posted on our social media channels in June*.

* Because of child protection, we can only show submissions of members who are over 18 on our social media platforms BUT we will be doing a viewing party on JUNE 14th for members so definitely submit one no matter what age you are!

DYT members in Sleepwalkers, 2019. Remember this folks? We are ace at this stuff. Ain’t no bug gonna hold us back!