We’ve been thinking a LOT about you and all the artists and facilitators who are losing gigs and income due to “The Bug”. For 43 years, you’ve helped us provide a safe, welcoming, fun space for curious, creative young Dubliners. For 10 of those years you’ve kept our work alive by participating – free! – in the 24 Hour Plays. As ex-members and alumni you’ve provided mentoring support and shared your talent with the next generation.

Yiz are legends.

So in an effort to do our small bit to support as many of you as we can in these weird ol’ days, here’s a few things we are offering you.

A Tenner For A Tip 

  1. Record a quick n easy drama related challenge or top tip for us on your phone
    (your tip can be anything from a quick n easy drama challenge to a “how to…” survive in a strange new world / make a puppet from an old crisp packet / do a french accent, whatever, we’ll take it all!) 
  2. Send your vid to us via email (info@dublinyouththeatre.com) OR WhatsApp (085 850 0856) OR whop it on twitter or instagram and tag us, using the hashtag #tenneratip
  3. Include a request for payment, with your bank details (email us after if you’re sharing on social) and we’ll pay you €10 per tip (2 tips max per person please!)
  4. We will share with members and on our social media channels, tagging you, thanking you and using the #tenneratip hashtag

It’s social. But you’re getting the price of a coffee and a sambo out of it 😉

If you’re all good for coffee n sambos and would like to pay it forward, we’ll happily accept your tip and put your tenner back in the pot 🙂

Deliver a 30 minute workshop online (via ZOOM) – €40 per session, tell us what you can do and we’ll find a slot – while stocks last!

Join a Q & A session on where you are now / what you’re doing in the real world – €30 per session 

Planning a virtual show of your own, or know someone who is? Send us the deets, tag us on social and we will share it with our members and on social. Have you watched any #theatrefromhome yet? John Gunning and the Bottom Dog Theatre crew are streaming plays on twitch. Follow the hashtag for updates! 

Need a space to record a solo? Come use the studio. It’s empty.
Much love to all of you from all of us.
You make us happy.
Just sayin’.
Alan King #tenneratip

Here’s a tip from the legend that is Alan King, who’s given his tenner back to us to pass to someone else 💜