DIPPED – Dan’s Radio Play, rehearsed on ZOOM, performed by DYT members – is now on soundcloud (thank you John Gunning), Here, have a listen 😊

“DIPPED”, by Dan Drumm – a radio play

Having come to Dublin for university, the chaotic nightlife of her city friends is unfamiliar to country girl Grace. She soon is faced with the hedonism of her eclectic group of city friends through the course of one eventful night on the town…

Cast: Áine Goulding, Caroline Roddy, Harry Lawlor, Kevin Savage, Lily Bunting, Matthew Cullen & Millie Moloney

Written by Dan Drumm
Director: Ailbhe Cowley
Assistant Director: Dan Drumm & Catie Grainger
Produced by Graham O’Neill and John Gunning

Created and produced as part of Dublin Youth Theatre’s Debut One Act Festival (DOAF).


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