COVID–19 Safety Representative & Risk Assessment

  • Dublin Youth Theatre has appointed Graham O’Neill as the COVID–19 Safety Representative to oversee the implementation of COVID–19 procedures in the youth theatre.
  • If Graham is not present in the workshop room or at the venue during a youth theatre activity, then another youth theatre leader will be assigned as a COVID–19 Safety Representative and will be responsible for implementing COVID–19 procedures during that activity.
  • Dublin Youth Theatre has carried out a risk-assessment for youth theatre activities taking place at 18 Montague Lane.
  • Dublin Youth Theatre has confirmed that a risk-assessment has been carried out for activities taking place at the following partner venues: Mission Hall, MoLI, axis: Ballymun, The Complex


  • The parents / guardians of all youth theatre members aged under 18 must complete a COVID–19 Declaration Form (Questionnaire) prior to arriving for the DYT activity.
  • Young people aged 18 and over must complete their own COVID–19 Declaration Form (Questionnaire) prior to arriving for the DYT activity.
  • In the event that a young person / parent / guardian answers ‘yes’ to any question on the COVID–19 Declaration Form, they must seek medical advice and complete any required period of self-isolation before participating in youth theatre activities.  
  • The youth theatre is collecting this sensitive personal data for the purposes of maintaining safety within the youth theatre in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The legal basis for collecting this data is based on vital public health interests and maintaining occupational health and will be held securely in line with our retention policy.


Arrival and Departure Arrangements

  • Youth Theatre Workshops will begin at times advertised on the website and in the newsletter to members. Young people should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop and leave no later than 10 minutes after the end of the workshop to help with congestion at the venue/s.
  • If a parent/guardian is dropping a young person off at the venue, please drop off and collect from the door of the venue.
  • Parents/guardians are not be permitted to enter the venue unannounced at any time during youth theatre activities. Parents/guardians should contact youth theatre leaders directly if they need to discuss an issue or if they need to pick-up at a different time.


Group Size, Social Distancing and Face Coverings

  • Unless otherwise announced, Dublin Youth Theatre workshops will be limited to 12 young people plus 2/3 youth theatre leaders, in accordance with current Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth guidelines for the youth work sector, which allows for groups of 15 to meet outdoors.
  • A distance of 2 metres will be kept between young people and youth theatre leaders to the greatest extent possible and the venue has been measured to ensure social distancing for this group can be accommodated.
  • Young people and youth theatre leaders should bring a face covering to youth theatre activities which will be used when a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. If you are  exempt from using a face covering in secondary school / college, please advise youth theatre leaders through the Membership Form. A face covering will be provided for participants if needed.
  • Activities within youth theatre workshops have been adapted to comply with hygiene and social distancing measures.


Personal Belongings, Props and Scripts

  • Young people should bring their own water bottles and make sure they’re labelled. 
  • Young people should keep their personal belongings separate within the workshop space, as directed by a leader.
  • Young people and leaders should not share props, objects or scripts within youth theatre activities, but passing props is permitted for the purpose of special designated workshops (Outreach).


Contact Tracing

  • Young people’s attendance at each youth theatre activity will be marked on a contract tracing log. 


Hand sanitisation, hygiene, cleaning and signage

    • All participants are asked to perform good respiratory hygiene, that means covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or the crook of your elbow if you sneeze or cough and putting used tissues immediately into a bin.
    • All participants are asked to perform good hand hygiene, that means using the supplied hand sanitiser when entering / exiting the workshop room, after sneezing / coughing, before eating or drinking, after using the toilet etc.


  • Hand sanitiser will be provided within the workshop room for use during youth theatre activities. Young people can also bring their own small, labelled bottle of hand sanitiser for personal use.
  • Venue Toilets will be kept stocked with soap and paper towels, will have reduced capacity to ensure social distancing and will be regularly cleaned in line with venue policy.
  • Frequent-touch surfaces and equipment will be cleaned by youth theatre leaders before and after each workshop. The venue will be cleaned on a daily basis in line with the venue’s COVID–19 policy.
  • Dublin Youth Theatre will ensure the correct signage is visible for young people to support awareness of the symptoms of COVID–19, handwashing, hygiene and social distancing.


Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID–19

  • Young people are asked not to attend youth theatre activities if they have symptoms of COVID-19, should be self-isolating or are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test. They should contact Graham O’Neill to discuss alternative ways to stay in touch with activities remotely.
  • If a young person becomes unwell during a youth theatre activity or displays COVID–19 symptoms, they will be asked to wait in the venue’s isolation area while youth theatre leaders phone their emergency contacts. The COVID Safety Representative for the workshop will ensure the young person has a face covering and will support the young person while they are waiting, ensuring a safe distance is maintained.
  • If a leader becomes unwell during a youth theatre activity or displays COVID–19 symptoms, they should wear a face covering, wait in the venue’s isolation room and arrange transport home. The other leader present should contact Graham O’Neill to report the incident and identify a replacement leader for the workshop. If supervision ratios cannot be maintained, then the workshop should be cancelled and parents / guardians contacted.
  • If a diagnosis of COVID–19 is confirmed for a young person or leader,  the youth theatre will assist with Contact Tracing as required. 


Training for Youth Theatre Leaders

  • All leaders have been informed of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements through participation in an official COVID-19 Induction Session for Youth Services.
  • All leaders have completed a COVID–19 Declaration Form prior to returning to youth theatre activities.