Our guest for the REAL LIFE FINAL of Ask The Pro is photographer, actor, maker of ads and brilliant voiceover videos… Ste Murray.

We’re going into the studio for this one, with 9 spaces available (DYT members or alumni only) – first come first served. There will be buns… We will also share on zoom for anyone who wants to join remotely and get themselves projected on the wall…


Ste’s journey in the arts world has covered all kinds of bases – from studying architecture, to acting and photography, he’s been a collaborator with DYT for Big Shows (including this year’s) and not only designed the posters and made videos but took to the Abbey Stage in January for the 24 Hour Plays fundraiser.

He created that ☝️ ad for the #SaveTheArts campaign and his voiceover of the Joe Duffy show about Normal People was one of the best pieces of entertainment this lockdown. Here👇 it is for your viewing pleasure…

He also took time out to develop this whole Ask The Pro series with us, helping us cope with lockdown by doing something positive and entertaining. We truly 💜  him.

He’ll be eating buns and having the chats with us about how he ended up doing what he does, his working process and offering practical tips and advice that might be helpful to members navigating their way into the future.

Join us on Wednesday for the final session of Ask The Pro, the REAL LIFE FINAL!

See you at 3.00pm.


To join the session live in studio, email Graham NOW – 9 places only, first come first served!

To join the session on zoom, email Graham by noon on Wednesday and he’ll let you in at 3.00pm. All welcome.

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Submit your question/s via email in advance or be prepared to ask them on Wednesday.

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