All DYT workshops and tasks will be done via ZOOM for the foreseeable future. 
Parents, we’d love your help to ensure that your member has registered (instructions below). If you have no/limited internet access, please call Graham on 085 828 5850 and we’ll help sort something. (please see more info about Child Protection compliance / best practice below*)

Info on workshops will be updated weekly, so please ask your member to check the members’ area on the website  (Members Area / Members News) and the Facebook Group page regularly.

Last week we had intro to ZOOM, followed by social time, with 20 members in attendance by the end. It was… different! We’re all up-skilling on the tech front!

Going forward, we’re planning lots of short (40mins) workshops, including a session on careers, with Q & As from housebound former members and successful artists. Big Show is also going online and auditions will happen as planned on May 9. We’ll keep everyone posted on the website and on social.

This Saturday (March 28) we have Mission Implausible with Graham O’Neill at 11am followed by a workshop with Dylan Coburn-Gray at 11.45. Members can stay online for social time after the workshops have ended each week.

lt’s really important to keep connected and we hope this helps stave away boredom and feelings of isolation our members may be dealing with at the moment. As a parent myself, I’ve finally felt glad to see my eldest on her phone with her friends this past week – it lifts the spirits!

Many thanks for your support. Keep well all and hope to see you soon.

Angie & Graham


  1. Download the ZOOM app – ZOOM – (on your phone/computer/both) and join
  2. Search for Graham – – and add him as a contact
  3. Graham will accept your request and create a virtual group of DYT members
  4. Register for a Saturday session as normal via the website
  5. Follow the ZOOM link for the session and join in from home (which is where we hope you are…)


Members under the age of 18 require parental / guardian permission to download zoom, so we assume if your member joins, you have granted it. Please contact us if you are NOT happy for your member to use the service. Full details on best practice recommendations that we’re following can be found here.

Graham, as meeting host, will ensure that only registered and approved participants can attend meetings and all meetings will be locked 5 minutes after the start time. All Staff and Facilitators participating are Garda Vetted.

We will record sessions for the time being, to comply with HSE Child Protection Guidelines. Recordings will be stored on DYT’s secure drive. These recordings will not be shared anywhere without prior permission from participants.

We’re awaiting further detailed guidance on all of the above and will ensure best practice is maintained as we use this app in the meantime.