About the production

Life Without Shelter

Written by: Chloe Doyle

Directed by:  John Gunning

Cast:  Ali Dempsey McMahon, Abby Tormey

Mars Bars, Biscuits and Boredom.

Follow the lives of Ali and Aoife, two young homeless people living on the streets of the city centre as they learn to share a mutual experience many never will. Life Without Shelter is Chloe Doyle’s first script and John Gunning’s first time directing.


The Blame Game

Written by: Laura Donaldson and Ursula McGinn

Directed by: Laura Donaldson and Ursula McGinn

Cast: Aislinn Farrell, Sean Guthrie, Siofra Quinn Gates, Ross Watchorn

If you were called into your principal’s office, accused of bullying, how would you react?  Who would you blame?  If you were there and are aware of what happened, how accountable do you think you are?  Nothing is as easy as black and white.