About the production

Join us for our annual Debut One Act Festival, otherwise known as DOAF. This is the first time that new members have the chance to perform publicly, as part of DYT, having worked through a rehearsal process with a professional director.

Preview: Tuesday 26th March 2024 – 7:30pm
Matinee: Saturday 30th March 2024 – 3pm

Devised by the cast & Joy Nesbitt, directed by Joy Nesbitt
Assistant Directors: Abi Cepeda & Conor Hynes

Cast: Chloe Angulu, Xaver Bosbach, Nathan Kavanagh, Molly Lavin, Panna Szvetlána Pásztor, Rose Spencer
The Brother’s Grimm published a series of German folktales in 1812 called Kinder-und Hausmärchen. Many of these weird little tales had morals about what it means to be a good citizen in the face of Death. But when Death comes for you, you never know what you’ll do or how much time you have left.

written by Alison Carr, directed by Ellen Buckley
Assistant Directors: Eli McCarthy & Eoin Kane
Cast: Robin Brophy, Juno Conroy-Griffin, Ilenia Coravu, Mariana Diaz-Trejo, Dearbhla McCormick, Laoise Power Moloney, Jake Simbulan, Shane Williamson
“It happened on a Tuesday. Which is surprising, cos nothing decent ever happens on a Tuesday.”
A schoolday starts like any other, but when an unexpected and unexplained phenomenon rips through the school, the students are forced to see their friends, families, foes and themselves in a new light.
Alison Carr’s ‘Tuesday’ is an absurd and remarkable play that will renew your gratitude for the ordinary and everyday.

Devised by Prague Youth Theatre with Casey Hallahan under Adam Stewart, with further material devised by Dublin Youth Theatre, directed by Casey Hallahan
Assistant Directors: Jason Byrne Hanna & Charlie Silke
Cast: Neeve Daniele Batacan, Lucia Byrne, Mia Croker, Altan Holland, Elliot Hynes, Luke Kelly, Patrick Meenan, Rhys Murraywalsh, Oscar O’Brien
Once upon a time, there was a Prince and a Princess.
…Or maybe a young bohemian woman in a city.
Or maybe space wizards.
The author’s not quite sure yet. He’ll probably figure it out.

Originally devised by Prague Youth Theatre with Casey Hallahan and Adam Stewart for the CLASS in ACTION Youth Theatre Festival, 2018.

Cast List

  • Chloe Angulu
  • Neeve Daniele Batacan
  • Xaver Bosbach
  • Robin Brophy
  • Lucia Byrne
  • Juno Conroy Griffin
  • Ilenia Coravu
  • Mia Croker
  • Mariana Diaz Trejo
  • Altan Holland
  • Elliot Hynes
  • Nathan Kavanagh
  • Luke Kelly
  • Molly Lavin
  • Dearbhla McCormick
  • Patrick Meenan
  • Rhys Murraywalsh
  • Oscar O'Brien
  • Panna Szvetlána Pásztor
  • Laoise Power Moloney
  • Jake Simbulan
  • Rose Spencer
  • Shane Williamson

Crew List

  • Ellen Buckley - Director
  • Casey Hallahan - Director
  • Joy Nesbitt - Director
  • Jason Byrne Hanna - Assistant Director
  • Abi Cepeda - Assistant Director
  • Conor Hynes - Assistant Director
  • Eoin Kane - Assistant Director
  • Eli McCarthy - Assistant Director
  • Charlie Silke - Assistant Director
  • Kate Glynn - Costume Design
  • Lilyrose Kelly - Costume Design
  • Jason Wade - Costume Design
  • Fintan McEvoy - Sound Operator
  • Aifric Lemtouni - Props Department
  • Link O'Brien - Props Department
  • Zack Murphy - Company Stage Manager
  • Seán Tyrell Cassidy - Technical Supervisor
  • Elzbieta Cichocka - Irish Sign Language Interpreter