Date: 09/10/2021

Time: 11:00 am

Venue: The Teachers Club, Parnell Square

The first of our workshop series for in-person Autumn 2021!

Due to capacity restrictions we can only cater for 12 people (in 2 pods of 6) so if you want in–book your slot now (click ‘buy ticket’—don’t worry it’s free!)

If you find that it has been booked up, please email Phoebe ( so that she can add you to the waiting list and/or make sure you have a spot in the following workshop happening on October 16th with Dave Kelly.

Character Creation from the Outside In!

In this exciting new workshop, starting from a place of neutrality, we will look at the different steps to creating a character. While this workshop will focus primarily on building the physicality of a character we will also take a look at identifying the drives, needs and desires that come from within the psyche of the character.

This inspiring and fun approach will give you a toolkit for creating future characters whether from a place of invention or from an existing text.  

Ruth Lehane bio: 

Ruth Lehane is an award winning actress, theatre maker, movement director and performance coach. 

Having trained at The Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, her interest in movement brought her to further study at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris for two years; and The Theatre Resource  Centre, Toronto, Canada. 

Ruth’s professional experience is therefore characterised by versatility: while much of her work has  been explicitly text-based, she is also well acquainted with a highly physical approach to theatre.  

Her vast range of experience as an actor, theatre maker and movement director has seen her work with a diverse range of companies both nationally and internationally some of which include; The  Abbey, Dublin; The Lyric, Belfast; Barabbas; Blue Raincoat; The Ark; Big Telly; The Belgrade  Theatre; Cahoots NI; Tinderbox and Fabulous Beast.  

She has toured with her work internationally to London, Edinburg, Glasgow, Barcelona, Madrid,  Berlin, Bulgaria, Romania and New York. 

She is the founder of Fourth Leaf Theatre Company. Ruth’s company makes theatre that provokes  challenges and delights an audience and she is well acquainted with collaboration and the creation of  new work.  

Ruth is a highly skilled practitioner influenced by the methodology of Jacques Lecoq and the  disciplines of Theatre of Clown, Neutral Mask, Gestural Language and The Architecture of the Space.  

She runs workshops and teaches at The Lir Academy; The Gaiety School of Acting; Helena Walsh  Voice Studio and The Abbey Theatre Skills for Business Programme. 

She works as a movement director in film, her recent feature films include:  

Award winning, “The Hole in the Ground” 2019; “Vivarium” 2019; and “The Cured” 2017. For more info visit: