Hello Members,

We miss you

We hope you’re coping with the current situ and keeping yourselves sane. To help you along, and because we really miss your faces around the place, we are opening – ONLINE – from Saturday morning at 11am, using an ace app called opens in a new windowZOOM (it’s free).

We will be hanging out in 20 minute sessions online, getting used to the app and finding out how everyone’s doing these weird ‘n’ wacky days.

If we can all learn and use the technology together, we can keep in touch, learn skills to help get through this strangeness and come out the other side singing. Literally – coz if we get moving now, we’ll be in really good shape when it comes to workshopping, rehearsing and putting a brilliant, radical, fun Big Show together this year.

But first things first, here’s how it works:
1. Click here to download the ZOOM app (on your phone/computer/both) and join
2. Search for Graham – admin@dublinyouththeatre.comcreate new email – and add him as a contact
3. Graham will accept your request and create a virtual group of DYT members
4. Register for a Saturday session as normal via the website
5. We will send you a link (via email) approx 5 mins before your session starts
6. Follow that link and join in from home (which is where we hope you are…)

This Saturday (March 21), we’re gonna keep the groups small (8) and the sessions short (20 mins) while we get a handle on the tech. When we’ve taken these smaller groups through the basics, we’ll expand the session for a bit of social time.

11.00 – 11.20 opens in a new windowINTRO TO ZOOM & CHECK IN (session 1)
11.20 – 11.40 INTRO TO ZOOM & CHECK IN (session 2)
11.40 – 12.00 INTRO TO ZOOM & CHECK IN (session 3) 
12.00 – 12.30 SOCIAL TIME

ALREADY USING ZOOM FOR SCHOOL / COLLEGE / WORK / SOMETHING ELSE? Yay! Please join a session anyway, check in and share your tips.

NO INTERNET ACCESS / CAMERA PHONE? That’s perfectly ok, you’re still invited! Call Graham on XXXXXX and we’ll figure out how to get you set up.

CAN’T MAKE IT THIS SATURDAY? Fear not, we’ll run more intro sessions later if required, or ask a fellow member who will pass on the info.

This situation is weird and challenging for all of us and we want to do the best we can for all our members, supporting you with your DYT time and training but staying safe for our community. We’re all in it together.

Much love to you and yours and hope to see you Saturday.
Angie and Graham xx

PS – we’re getting much more socially active… Make sure you follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Insta for announcements, weekly challenges and other fun shizz…

PPS – be kind to your parents, guardians and siblings. Just sayin’ 😉