FYOAF production week schedule

Date: Tuesday 9/4/19

Here is the current schedule from this Sunday 14 April to the end of the performances on Saturday 20 April. Please note that you may be called earlier for additional rehearsals if needed. These times have been specified.

Cast of The Pretentious Young Ladies

Date: Thursday 7/3/19

Hi fabulous cast! You have all been doing such great work so far, thank you. We could do the cast with 10 different casting combinations and any of them would be fantastic! So here is the cast we are going to play with for this production. We will be adjusting some of the roles to Read More »

“Pretentious” Rehearsal info

Date: Sunday 3/3/19

Hi all, Great work so far! Below you will find the rehearsal schedule we agreed upon up until production week. Please note that the day to be off-book (i.e. fully memorised) is March 27. We still have some work to do on the script to prep it for memorisation and we will be finalising the Read More »