14 Feb 2013

DYT - an outsiders perspective

Hi my name is Nimota Balogun and I’m 18 years old. I am a student at Rathmines College and I’m studying marketing and sales. I am currently doing my work placement in Dublin Youth Theatre.
On a daily basis I work in the office. But today I got the opportunity to see the young people at work. We went to a space at the O'Reillly Theatre where the young people were doing their warm up before doing some work on the Shakespeare text “King Lear”.
For their warm ups the young people had to walk around in circles and shake each others hands and say good morning. This was done in both slow motion and at a faster tempo.This allowed the young people to warm up and to get comfortable around each other.
At first when I saw all the young people there were a couple of shy and reserved people, but as the warm up progressed people were finally interacting together.
When it came to reading out texts from “King Lear”, I thought everyone was fantastic.
Ever since I’ve been working at DYT I have noticed that their work is always based on the young people. For example they are always involved with script writing and encouraged to give ideas on new plays, their opinions are always sought whenever new performances are being made considered.
I think this is a very good way to do things as it allows both young people and producers to be very close, and the young people will also enjoy themselves and put in more effort in their performance, which will also make the producer very happy. This also allows the young people to write about things that relates to them.
I for one am very excited to see some more works in the future from these young talented people

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