01 Sep 2011

MOAF 2011

The Members One Act Festival features 2 weeks of excellent drama written, directed and performed by Dublin Youth Theatre members.

Week 1 runs from Wednesday the 24th of August to Saturday the 27th with a prieview on Tuesday the 23rd. Week 2 runs from Wednesay the 31st of August to Saturday the 3rd with a preview on Tuesday the 30th of August.

All shows start at 8pm nightly and tickets can be purchased at the door. Tickets are priced at €10 and €8 concession (€7 for previews and €5 for DYT members). Seating is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis so please come early.


Week 1 Aug23- Aug27

And Then He Was All
'And Then He Was All' is about four people walking to a house, and telling each other a story on the way.  In theory, it's the story of what they did last night. No, it's not The Hangover.

This isn't a play about wacky exploits; it’s more about how the same story told by two different people really isn't the same story at all.  How telling stories can be really fun if you like being the protagonist, and not much fun at all if you don’t. There may also be some wacky exploits, but that’s just the spoonful of sugar.  
Writer Dylan Coburn Gray
Director Leah Minto

We're Still Kids
'We’re Still Kids' is about the aspects of youth and leaving childhood that the audience is not exposed to, what happens when kids get
sad? What happens when kids have to pretend they’re all grown up? Do kids spend their time doing anything other than getting shit-faced and getting off with each other?

Sylvie is depressed, she seems to have a handle on the why, but can’t deal with what to do about it. She’s lost a close friend and has
to deal with being in the imperfect majority. Jonah has had his heart broken and is still reeling from the shock. Rhys is in love.

Writer  John Gunning
Director Luke Collins


WEEK 2 Aug30-Sep3

Tricycle of Horrible Notions
Set in a confined location, filled with callous onlookers who choose not to intervene but instead sit and watch the unthinkable events occuring before them as if part of some elaborate show in a youth theatre's sick, twisted one-act festival... Well, I've lost my tricycle of horrible notions. Let's just say: somewhere, at some time, a confused writer (we'll call him... Roseph Jyan) will lose his wits when commissioned to write a play under the vigilant eye of a loquacious cocaine addict who does little more with the moniker “The Devil” than simply use it, and eventually love will come the writer's way. From someone else. Not The Devil. That'd be weird. That'd also be the sequel. DO NOT APPLY PLAY DIRECTLY TO MOUTH!
Writer Joseph Ryan
Director Ian Lawless

September 4th
We were the generation that was never meant to leave. But now emigration seems to be the only solution for most of us. William is wondering whether to move to Boston to join the Police Force, or whether to stay and join the Army. Jack is thinking about moving to Liverpool to work in a factory with his cousins. Saorise wants to move to San Francisco to be part of the anti-war movement, and to make a difference in the world. Sean was born to Irish parents in San Francisco, but has been offered a job in Ireland. Elaine is wondering whether or not she should go to Australia. And September 4th is the day they all make their decision.

Writer Jemma Curran
Director Alice Murphy

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