18 Sep 2010

Half Three Hero's Project Arts Centre 25 – 31 October 2009

Dublin Youth Theatre (DYT) were delighted to confirm that they will be back in Project Arts Centre for their new show, Half 3 Heroes from 26th – 31stOctober 2009.

Half 3 Heroes takes you into the near future, into the world, thoughts, chats and slags of a group of teenagers, thrown together by changes in a turbulent education system, as they try to come to terms with their own identity as well as the rapidly changing societal identity of a new ‘Ireland.’

Emmet Kirwan, a former member of DYT, worked closely with the youth theatre members to produce a script that would provide a true representation of the voices and experiences of young people in Ireland. Kirwan wanted to remain true to their experiences and not traditionally perceived ideas associated with teenagers. This is not the first time Kirwan has permeated the language of young people living in Dublin, he also co-wrote with David Coffey (Dan & Becs), the new Accomplice TV/RTécomedy series Sarah & Steve, in which he also plays Steve.

Half 3 Heroes is the first show Willie White has directed during his 3 year tenure as Artistic Director of Dublin Youth Theatre and will be the last performance under his guidance before Gary Keegan (Brokentalkers Theatre Company) takes over the role later this year. For White Half 3 Heroes reinforces the credibility in the belief that the teenage years are the most formative in an individual’s life and that young people have something to teach us about the world we’re creating for them to ultimately sort out. Commenting on the show White said ‘This is a great opportunity to work directly with the members - I’m looking forward to getting really strong performances from the large cast of over twenty’

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