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Become a Friend of DYT. Where you a member of Dublin Youth Theatre? Did Dublin Youth Theatre change your life? Are your children members/past members of Dublin Youth Theatre? Did you see a show in DYT that really impressed you? Do you, like us, think DYT is great? We need your help!


About Dublin Youth Theatre

DYT is a vital part of the creative and theatre community of our capitol city. It encourages our young to achieve their potential as citizens and theatre makers” - Fiach Mac Conghail, Director of the Abbey Theatre

Since its foundation in 1977 by Paddy O’Dwyer, Dublin Youth Theatre has made a significant contribution to the worlds of theatre and youth work. Whilst providing a safe place for the city’s young people to grow, experiment and explore who they are, DYT has introduced generations of young people between the ages of 14 and 22 to drama, theatre and other related arts. The social and personal development of its members and artistic excellence are the twin pillars of DYT.

I’ve made so many friends. My Family life has been a bit rough in the last while and DYT has always been a safe place that I can escape to” - Members Feedback

"Dublin Youth Theatre has proved itself to be an invaluable creative outlet for young people in Dublin and is a consistently exciting producer of innovative theatre." - Mark O'Halloran, Screenwriter & Actor

Dublin Youth Theatre is committed to producing theatre to a high artistic standard, theatre that is relevant to the lives of young people today. Whilst DYT is not a training school or preparatory ground for professional theatre, the Irish arts sector is laden with the talent and skill of past DYT members. Enda Walsh - playwright, Aiden Gillen - actor, Emer McGowan – Artistic Director Draíocht Arts Centre, Madeline Boughton – Culture Ireland, Philip McMahon - thisispopbaby, Grace Dyas, Shane Byrne & Doireann Coady - Theatreclub, David Kelly – NAYD, Roxanna Nic Liam – actor, Sarah Keating – Irish Times Theatre Critic.

"DYT has become vital to energising the mainstream theatre culture." - Sarah Keating, Theatre Critic

DYT provides 30 weekly workshops a year and produces two festivals, The First Year One Acts and The Members One Act Festival, and at least one major production. In addition DYT takes part in youth theatre festivals both at home and abroad and interacts regularly with Dublin's theatre community. The artistic programme in DYT is often facilitated by leading lights of both Irish and international theatre.

Why does Dublin Youth Theatre need friends now?

DYT is financed by grants from The Arts Council, CDYSB and Dublin City Council, donations and the members’ annual membership fees. In 2012 DYT suffered a devastating blow to its core funding. DYT’s Arts Council grant was reduced by 20% and the organisation was informed that 2012 would be the last year that DYT would be considered for Annual Funding. From 2013 on DYT will instead be required to apply for Project Funding. This is a significant change. What DYT loses in the process is its ability to secure its core costs – premises and administration – from year to year. Without this security the very future of the organisation comes under threat.

And so we turn to DYT’s family and friends and ask them to make a commitment to help us keep our doors open.

it has opened a lot of doors for me! It has unlocked confidence and talents I didn’t know I had! It gave me opportunities to exploit and made me more motivated! It kept me out of trouble and made great friends” - Members Survey

In 35th anniversary year we launched a friends’ scheme to secure the future of DYT.  All donations are welcome from the very large to the very small and everyone from past members to current members to secret admirers are encouraged to sign up.

How To Become A Friend of DYT

Friends and Fun - Make A Once Off Anniversary Donation € 35.00

Hopes and Dreams – Make A Once Off Anniversary Donation € 350.00

Above and Beyond – Make A Once Off Anniversary Donation €3,500.00

Through Thick and Thin – Set Up A Monthly Direct Debit for the amount of your choosing

In return we will keep you updated on DYT activities through a newsletter, offer you complimentary tickets and reduced price tickets to DYT productions and list you as a much appreciated supporter in our printed material.

Phone: 01 8743687

E-mail: info@dublinyouththeatre.com


23 Upper Gardiner St, Dublin 1


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