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Since its foundation in 1977, by Educational Psychologist Paddy O’ Dwyer, Dublin Youth Theatre has forged a unique contribution to the worlds of theatre and youth work. Forty years old this year, DYT continues to provide exciting opportunities for young people in the 14 - 22 age group to gain experience in drama, theatre and the related arts.

Writers & theatre makers such as Peter Sheridan, Anne Enright, Gerard Stembridge, Paul Mercier, Lee Dunne, Mark O'Rowe, Charlie McCarthy, Art O'Briain, Desperate Optimists & Brokentalkers have been commissioned by DYT in the past, with many of the productions being performed at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin.


In 2007 DYT performed the highly successful ‘This Is Still Life’ in collaboration with Brokentalkers and seventeen DYT members after a six month devising process at Project Arts Centre. This Is Still Life was a series of attempts to conjure up past memories. Through the use of live performance, film, recorded interviews and found text, a collage of images and stories were unfolded, presented and dissolved.


In 2008 DYT performed the English language premiere of Daily Bread by Gesine Danckwart directed by Rachael West.


In 2009 DYT staged the hugely ambitious ‘Half 3 Heroes’, by ex-member and rising RTE star Emmet Kirwan. With a cast of twenty, the organisation knew it would be a stretch to stage this project, but with the help and goodwill of so many Dubliners and under the direction of outgoing Artistic Director, Willie White, the show was an overwhelming success, for none more so than the twenty young people who got to shine on the Project Arts Centre stage each night.

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